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L A  T R A T T O R I A


The Trattoria al Gatto Nero first opened as a simple tavern around 1946, and was taken over by Ruggero Bovo in 1965.

"When I was a child I cultivated a dream, that of studying music so that I could put on the notes what I felt inside, but I was unable to study because of my parents' financial situation.
Then I thought: Why not put all my creativity and enthusiasm into the art of cooking? So that is what I did! I love my country, its traditions and flavours; I love the fish from the Lagoon and the Adriatic Coast, a raw material that has fed my island for generations and which I am still lucky enough to have fresh every day. My wife Lucia is continually researching the ancient flavours of the Buranella tradition."

The kitchen offers a wide range of appetizers, first courses (among which the famous risotto di gò alla Buranella and tagliolini alla granzeola) and second courses (among which oven-baked fish or typical frittura di pesce with seasonal vegetables organically grown on the neighbouring islands). All pasta and desserts are strictly homemade.

"The elders in town used to tell me that "a good dish must always be accompanied by a bon gòto de vìn" and my son Massimiliano, certified Sommelier, has curated a remarkable wine list".

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